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Halliburton  HT400 Pump

Halliburton HT400 Single Pump Unit.Refurbished

Halliburton HT400 Pump with 4-1/2″ Plungers Refurbished with New Seats, New Valve Rubbers,
New Discharge Passage Seals, New Packing, New Filters, New Oil and New Worm Drive Oil Seal,
Each coupled with a GM 8V71 Engine (Refurbished),New Radiator, and
Allison HT750DR Transmission (Refurbished)
Maximum Pressure 11,200 PSI. Maximum Volume 10.8 bbl/min.
All on a New Skid with New Control Panel comes with Air Starter.
Lifting Eye on Top.

Location:Johor,Malaysia or Singapore

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