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About Us


The Company

Energy Asia Group Pte Ltd was established in 1989 by Mike Nandwani. Initially specialising in used tubular from drill pipes to drill collars and heavyweight pipes to meet the drilling needs of drilling contractors in the region, Energy Asia Group now supplies oilfield equipment along with tubular. We are also regularly on the lookout for unused surplus as well as used equipment and tubular to add to our inventory. Unlike most broker/dealers, we are stockists and this allows us to quickly match equipment/tubular to our customers’ requirements.

In the Beginning

Our early days saw us storing tubular in the industrial parts of Jurong and engaging 3rd party independent inspection companies to certify our tubular drill worthy. With drilling specifications continuing to change in accordance to the Association of Petroleum Institute (API), we are more prudent with the used pipes we acquire and strive to meet industry standards.

Mike’s vision for the Group to diversify its focus from strictly tubular saw us entering the oilfield equipment arena and with that, we leased out industrial space in Loyang Offshore Supply Base to meet our storage needs.

Presently, we have consolidated our tubular and equipment in the Jurong industrial belt and Iskandar region in Johor, Malaysia for ease of convenience.

Our Journey

The last 10 years have also seen the Group begin expansion plans to meet the drilling requirements of customers globally. We have grown our presence in the Middle East, in particular in the freezone in Jebel Ali, Dubai. At the same time, we have made inroads in Houston, Texas to better serve the North American drilling contractors. Working strategically with partners in both regions to maintain a sufficient inventory allows costs to be kept at a minimal while ensuring customers’ requirements do not go un-served.

Through the years, we have worked closely with machine shops and inspection companies to get our tubular and equipment customised and certified to industry standards.

Our strong relations with local trucking companies and global freight forwarders aid in prompt deliveries worldwide. This is crucial in the oilfield arena where contractors’ can require equipment and tubular replacements urgently.

Moving Ahead

Going forward, Energy Asia Group is sufficiently equipped to meet both the land and offshore drilling needs of contractors, both regionally and globally.